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On holiday with your dog!

Your four-legged darlings are also very welcome and may stay with us for free!
With you in the mountains, to the lakes, they will all love it!
We would like to show you walking paths for humans and animals. And if you need a veterinarian or animalphysiotherapist, we can contact them for you.
If you want a Reiki treatment for your dog or for you than ask your host! A day away without your dog(s)? Than we can take your dog(s) for a walk if you want!
We also have a dogshower, in case your dog(s) needs one...

Important: holidays with your dog in Austria, the rules:

If you want to take your dog for a holiday in Austria, you need a valid EU pet passport. This passport contains the description of the dog, the name and address of the owner and the vaccinations the has had.
An identification (chip) and the vaccination for Rabies are required.
A maximum of 5 dogs can be taken with you for a holiday in Austria.

Dogs younger than 3 months:
Vaccinations are not required but the dog has to have a valid EU pet passport.
The dog has to have an identification (chip).
No vaccination against Rabies: an official veterinarian has to certify that the dog has been kept in the place in which he/she was born since birth without contact with wild animals likely to have been exposed to the infection of Rabies. This certification may be done by entry into the pet passport.
Or the dogs are accompanied by their mothers on whom they are still depended. The mother must meet the travel requirements.

Leash and muzzle obligation:
The leash and muzzle obligation for dogs in Austria is not equal in all federal countries of Austria but is regulated by the local authorities.
Muzzle obligation applies to all aggressive dogs in all public places.
Therefore it is recommended to carry a leash and muzzle always with you when you are in Austria with your dog so that you can use them (both) if required.

We and our dogs Sarabi and Trust are looking forward to your visit, please contact us!

Bernice and Martin Horsten
Tel.: 0043 (0) 4784 450